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onRadrUncover connections

Whatever you want to exchange about, do it onRadr with the people you share the most with.

Connect with people all over the world - no ads, no tracking, not selling your data.

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Uncover connections

Uncover connections

onRadr connects likeminded people all over the globe without borders based on inclusiveness.

We’re providing the good alternative to the existing social media monsters by respecting your privacy.

Multidimensional Channels

onRadr provides multidimensional tag managed channels. No limits in your creativity!

Multidimensional Channels
Inclusiveness without compromise

Inclusiveness without compromise

All channels and it’s content is public. User profiles are open viewable to everybody. It’s about inclusiveness. The world is our all home.

Our Story

We deeply believe that you share with every single person on Earth common interests, skills, passions and much more. We want to uncover these connections and help you exchanging yourself with them.

But it’s more than that. Connections are of stronger and looser quality. We want to uncover the strength of each single connection of yours.

It’s all about you and the people you care about.

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